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Skin Tag Removal 

Skin tags are a soft piece of hanging skin and are a common skin condition which can be found on perfectly healthy people and are not directly associated with any major medical conditions although hereditary can play a part. They are commonly found around the neck caused by friction from necklaces or collars etc and also underarms from rubbing clothes but can also be found in other areas like around the eyes, breast or near the groin

Milia (white spots) 

Milia is commonly found around the eyes, upper cheeks or around the nose area and are formed when keratin is trapped beneath the outer layer of skin forming a tiny cyst. They often appear when ducts leading to the skin’s surface are blocked or they can be caused by dry dehydrated flakes of skin.  

Telangiectasia (thread veins)

Thread veins are dilated capillaries (which dilate and constrict constantly in order to regulate the bodies temperature) but as we age the ability to constrict can be affected often becoming permanently dilated and visible through the skin. Thread veins on the lower body may not be permanent.  

Campbell de Morgan (red blood spots)  

Blood spots are common skin conditions and more so with age. They are bright red surface blemishes and filled with blood and are found mainly found on your back and stomach areas 

Advanced Electrolysis

Photo of hair removal
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